SINGG/SUNGG Team Members
NameAffiliationRole / Expertise
Prof. Gerhardt Meurer International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research PI; starbursts; Hα, UV observations
Prof. Ronald Allen Space Telescope Science Institute HI dissociation; molecular gas; B stars
Prof. Michael Dopita RSAA, The Australian National University Star formation, narrow band imaging, theory and integral field spectroscopy
Dr. Ed Elson International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research Extra-galactic astronomy: star formation and dynamics, HI synthesis observations
Dr. Henry Ferguson Space Telescope Science Institute Galaxy surveys; cosmology; selection effects
Dr. Dan Hanish California Institute of Technology Cosmic star formation rate density; pipeline software
Prof. Tim Heckman Johns Hopkins University Star formation; galactic winds
Dr. Jonathan Heiner Centro de Radioastronomia y Astrofysica HII photodissociation, molecular gas, B-stars
Prof. Robert Kennicutt Cambridge University (IoA)   University of Arizona The star formation law; Hα observations
Dr. Virginia Kilborn Swinburne University HI surveys; HI mass function; HI observations
Dr. Ji Hoon Kim CEOU, Seoul National University Star formation and stellar populations in nearby galaxies, 2D analysis of SINGG/SUNGG data sets
Dr. Patricia Knezek WIYN Observatory/NOAO Star formation and stellar populations in nearby galaxies, optical imaging and H&alpha spectroscopy
Dr. Baerbel Koribalski CSIRO Formation and evolution of galaxies, HI distribution & dynamics of nearby galaxies, multi-wavelength analysis of galaxies: gas vs stars, LVHIS, WALLABY
Dr. Martin Meyer International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research Tully-Fisher relationship; HI surveys; HICAT
Prof. Mary Putman Columbia University ISM in galaxy halos; high velocity clouds, isolated HII regions
Dr. Emma Ryan-Weber Swinburne University of Technology HI and absorption line systems; intergalactic star formation
Dr. Mark Seibert Carnegie Institution for Science (Observatories) UV properties of galaxies and stars
Dr. Chris Smith Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory Hα observations, HII regions, software
Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research Galaxy dynamics; HI synthesis observations
Dr. David Thilker Johns Hopkins University HII regions; Diffuse Ionized Gas; GALEX observations
Prof. Rachel Webster University of Melbourne Galaxy surveys, active galaxies
Dr. Jessica Werk UCO Lick / University of California, Santa Cruz Extended star formation
Dr. O. Ivy Wong CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility Multi-wavelength star formation studies of nearby galaxies, environmental effects on galaxy evolution.
Mr. Zheng Zheng Johns Hopkins University Generation of UV radial profiles for SUNGG galaxies
Dr. Martin Zwaan European Southern Observatory The HI mass function; blind HI surveys; cosmology